learning report

I really enjoyed working during this first semester. The off-line weeks were very productive and I like to work with other students around me. It gives me inspiration and will. I feel comfortable to work with my hands all day long. I tried to use the workshops and I also learned techniques by watching videos on internet.

At the beginning of the year I could not get to work at home. It is better now but I realized how much I need people around me and another place than my room to focus on my work. I often block myself because I judge my ideas not good enough, not interesting, and I compare with other students. This is not new for me but yes, I am very insecure and perfectionist, and it does not help me to feel free to create. Also, during this semester, I could not be satisfied with my work in drawings and I was bored because I did not find a way to make it enjoyable and fun for me. I think I am shy in experimenting because it is difficult for me to work on something if I do not have a clear idea of the final result. That is a pity because I enjoy a lot to discover new techniques and materials, but I felt a lack of time to do it more in drawing and painting.

I discovered that I am very interested in sculpture, materials, textures, space and sound. I want to create artworks to convey an experience of a feeling or an emotion. I discovered that I need and I want more time to go deeper in my subjects, to experiment and to enjoy creating, more for me than for an assessment. I also need to be pushed more by the teachers to discover new techniques, to experiment and to develop.

I am happy that I learned a lot of small things. In painting, I understand more now how colors work together and how you can use them and I learned about the technique of painting. In sculpting I learned to model a face with clay (I enjoyed it a lot), but also how important is a structure in clay, in wire, in wood or in any material to build a sculpture that will stand. I learned how to use a water pump system. Thanks to the autonoom lessons I learned to speak about my work and to present it. I understood that it is not so easy to communicate an idea. I opened a lot of doors to explore, especially sound artwork. I understood that the sound involves a lot of reactions in our inner selves and every sound has to be taken very carefully. I have to understand what it will evoke for the others and not only for me. Sound is extremely symbolic.

Next semester I would like to be freer in my practice. Maybe thinking less before doing things. I really want to experiment more with textures, materials, sound, video and painting. I want to like more what I create and also to not be afraid of too large ideas that I might have. I want to improve my skills to choose the right material/form/size, etc. to express my ideas. I would like to experiment more on how I interact with my work and in my work. I want to find subjects that are important to me to work about. I’m waiting for next year to have more time to develop my projects, to master the materials that I discover, to learn how to develop an idea in different artworks. I would like to read more to document my ideas and take more time to discover contemporary artists for my knowledge and my inspiration. I think it would also help me to find new ideas for my practice.